If you are experiencing a mental health crisis,
please call 1-800-658-2429

How to safely access your
mental health services


Mental Health being offered in-person or virtually with telehealth

Call 1-800-658-2429  or 507-532-3236

Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm
to set up your mental health visit

Western Mental Health Center

An integrated approach to health care. 
Serving the 6 county area of Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Pipestone, Redwood and Yellow Medicine.

The focus of Western Mental Health Center is to work with clients to find balance between body, mind and spirit and supporting each individual to be the strongest and healthiest he or she can be.  Holistic care includes services such as outpatient therapy, medication management, substance use services, psychiatry, community programs, primary care and much more.

A non-profit organization, Western Mental Health Center focuses its efforts on providing comprehensive mental health services to meet varied community needs. Established in 1958, Western Mental Health Center began operating as a result of the Minnesota Community Mental Health Act. We have offices in the counties of Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Redwood and Yellow Medicine.

At Western Mental Health Center, our mission is to promote and advance mental health, to treat persons with mental health or related needs, and to provide collaborative and educational services to the community. We work in collaboration with county, school, court, corrections, health care and many other professionals throughout the community.


Outpatient therapy services for individuals, couples, and families are available in all our offices…

Psychiatric services for adults are available with either a psychiatrist or a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatry…

The purpose of ARMHS is to provide mental health rehabilitative services to people and best practices…

The goal for the CTSS individual program is to provide skills to increase a child’s ability to cope with their problems…

Each of us may face a variety of problems in our daily lives. Usually we can work them out. But sometimes our problems…

The Mobile Crisis Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support to adults, children…

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