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Telehealth Consultations

Picture Teleheatlh is interactive video that allows a specialist and a client to communicate through a high definition screen and special camera equipment.

Western Mental Health Center is currently using this technology to offer medication management checks to its clients that live greater distances from the clinic. The procedure would be the same as if the client were coming into the specialist’s office to complete a medication management check.

The client will be able to see, hear, and talk to the consulting health care provider through a high definition screen located in the telehealth room of their local provider. The consulting provider will be able to do the same at their site.


  • "I got to go to a familiar place with people I knew. This really reduced my anxiety."
  • "I would prefer to do my appointments with telemedicine."
  • "The time saved with not having to travel was huge to me."

Benefits of a telehealth appointment include

  • No traveling required to get to the consulting heath care provider’s location
  • Access to a specialist near your home
  • Increased choices regarding appointment days and times
  • Saves time and money