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Illness Management and Recovery

Illness Management and Recovery
Illness Management and Recovery Skills (IMR) Group is a series of bi-weekly sessions where mental health practitioners help people who have experienced mental health symptoms to develop personalized strategies for managing their mental illness and to help them move forward in their lives. In the group sessions, practitioner’s work collaboratively with people offering a variety of information, strategies, and skills that people can use to further their own recovery. There is a strong emphasis on helping people set and pursue personal goals and helping them put strategies into action in their everyday lives.

Illness Management and Recovery Skills (IMR) include:

  1. Recovery strategies including definition of recovery and goal setting
  2. Practical facts about mental illness
  3. The stress vulnerability model and treatment strategies
  4. Building social support
  5. Using medication effectively
  6. Reducing relapses of mental health symptoms
  7. Coping with stress
  8. Coping with problems and persistent symptoms

Service modality includes both group and individual work. Group members must meet eligibility requirements for the Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Services program (ARMHS) in order to qualify for this group.