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Employee Assistance Program

Each of us may face a variety of problems in our daily lives. Usually we can work them out. But sometimes our problems become too much to handle and begin to affect personal happiness, family relationships, performance at work, and even our health. When this happens, you can benefit from receiving professional help through accessing your Employee Assistance Program.

What is the Cost?
EAP services are provided to employees and their immediate family members at no cost. If assistance beyond these sessions is needed, the employee will be responsible for the cost. However, in many cases employee health insurance will cover costs for ongoing counseling needs.

How to Access Services:
When faced with problems interfering in daily life call Western Mental Health Center and request an appointment using your Employee Assistance Program. You will receive an appointment to explore the solutions and decide on the best course of action to solve the issues you are faced with.

Your EAP is confidential . You do not need to contact your Human Resource department to access services, so don’t hesitate to call when help is needed!

EAP provides a full range of services that include - Counseling, Information, and Referrals for: Troubled Relationships, Grief and Loss Issues, Family Issues, Depression and Anxiety, Difficulty balancing demands, Workplace Crisis, Workplace conflicts, Stress related to financial issues, and many more!

Check with your employer to see if they have an Employee Assistance Program.