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Anger Management

The Anger Management Program is designed to develop and strengthen skills needed to constructively manage a person’s feeling of anger. Education will be provided on the styles of anger, feelings associated with this emotion, and skills to use to express our anger in a healthy way.

"Managing anger doesn’t necessarily mean getting angry less often (although many times this is the case), but it does mean learning to express your anger in a way that is helpful to you and/or those around you."

Specific Goals
Individuals will learn to:

  • To become more aware of how anger, aggression, and abuse negatively affects their lives.
  • To identify emotions and feelings associated with anger, while learning more effective ways of expressing themselves.
  • To develop new anger management strategies free of aggression.
  • To develop conflict resolution skills that foster healthy relationships.

Anger Management Format
Members will meet weekly for nine weeks for group psychotherapy. Members will be expected to sign a program contract agreeing to attend group, complete homework, and work on skills. This group is open to adult men and women. Services will be billed to insurances or a sliding fee scale is available if a client is eligible.