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Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

The purpose of ARMHS is to provide mental health rehabilitative services to people with serious mental illness using evidence-based and best practices to foster recovery and self sufficiency by helping recipients reduce symptoms of mental illness and functional limitations and barriers related to mental illness, and to learn illness management and recovery skills.

Illness Management and Recovery Skills (IMR) include:
  1. Recovery strategies including definition of recovery and goal setting
  2. Practical facts about mental illness
  3. The stress vulnerability model and treatment strategies
  4. Building social support
  5. Using medication effectively
  6. Reducing relapses of mental health symptoms
  7. Coping with stress
  8. Coping with problems and persistent symptoms

Delivery of treatment includes both group and individual work.


  1. The individual is 18 or older
  2. Is diagnosed with a medical condition such as mental illness, for which adult rehabilitative mental health services are needed; has substantial disability and functional impairment and reduced self sufficiency and has had a recent diagnostic assessment by a qualified mental health professional that indicates ARMHS services are medically necessary
  3. The focus of the services is in regaining or restoring lost capabilities as a result of the onset of a mental disorder.
  4. The individual has the cognitive capacity to benefit from rehabilitative services techniques and methods.